• Hey! Welcome to my world. I'm

    Gurvinder Singh

  • --- WHO AM I ---


    Aspiring Machine Learning Researcher

    Learner with hunger for knowledge

    Life enthusiast with adventurous mindset

     Model Builder, Problem Solver


    "Don't think less of yourself, think of yourself less" - C. S. Lewis

  • --- MORE ABOUT ME ---

  • Projects

    Selection of Projects I've worked on

    Chair The Fed Using Reinforcement Learning

    A monetary policy game where we simulated the environment for the agent to explore and learn the Policy to maximize the reward.

    Used MDP(an environment of state, action and rewards) with DQN Learning Algorithm and Selenium for Automation.

    Machine learning pipeline

    Machine learning pipeline for automate the process of feature engineering,feature selection to creation of Base models which further Stacked to create the final solution.

    Machine Learning Challenges

    Solutions for Machine Learning & Data Science challenges ranging from Recommendation system,natural Language Processing,Computer vision to Data Exploration.

  • Highlights of my work

    The links to my important Machine Learning Work

  • --- MY LEARNING PATH ---


    Machine Learning Engineer

    Dec 2018 – Present

    • Part of team which is creating the Voice Assistant for HealthCare Client.



    Apr 2017 – Dec 2018

    • Applied Reinforcement learning on Italian Derivative Stock market
    • Analyzing the market Movement through social media Sentiments
    • Development of FAQ system for the customer queries using Natural language processing.
    • Optical Character Recognition of documents using opencv and Tesseract



    Apr 2015 – Mar 2017

    • Responsible for analyzing and identifying the impacted processes due to store number Expansion.
    • Automation of Clarity and Billing tasks for Client Projects with Single Web Interface Access.
    • Analyze the business requirement to develop and enhance the core billing and tax payment Systems.
  • Achievements

    Winner of Predict the Criminal Challenge

    This Machine Learning Binary Classification challenge Hosted for Three months Where more than 14000 people participated.

    Winner of Caavo Computer Vision Challenge

    This computer vision competition Challenged the participants to identify different type of Fashion clothes in the image.

    Third in Affine Analytics Recommendation Challenge

    Here we have to make a recommendation system which will recommend the properties to new users based upon there profiles.

    Top Competitor in Toxic Comment Challenge

    Here, we were challenged to build a model that’s capable of detecting different types of toxicity in Dataset of comments from Wikipedia page edits.This Competition was hosted by Google on Kaggle.



    Chandigarh Area, India


    Do let me know what you think about me or anything that we could share which can eventually take both of us forward.